Indigo Garden Spray Dye is a brand NEW product for Garden Retail and Gardeners.

How many times have you battled with trying to guess 3D Man Watering Canwhere you have or have not treated using a garden sprayer on your driveway or lawn?

Indigo Garden Spray Dye is a clever granule that is mixed into a garden sprayer containing your chosen treatment spray solution.  When you start spraying your lawn or driveway etc, Indigo will literally provide a temporary visible spray pattern to show where you have or have not treated / sprayed.3D Man Watering Can2

It will save you time, money, treatment product, effort and the guess-work when you make your next lawn treatment or driveway treatment.

Turf professionals use spray pattern indicator dyes all the time when treating golf courses, sports fields and vegetation but never before has a product been available to Gardeners.

Until now.

1 x Retail Pack of Spray Indicator Dye from The Lawn Company

80 gram bottle of Indigo Garden Spray Dye for £9.99 plus £2.95 Postage and Packing