Indigo Garden Spray come in a handy 80 gram retail box.  The box contains a dispensing bottle that contains sufficient product to treat up to 80 litres of spray solution.  Add more dye should you wish for a greater visual spray pattern during use.

One pack costs only £12.50 and it is currently available to purchase direct from Amazon and from The Lawn Shop operated by The Lawn Company.

Some quick product testimonials from customers:

Five Stars – Goes a long way! – Amazon Shopper

Brilliant Product – Amazon Shopper

Good product, however you can get away with using a lot less than recommended, I hardly used any in 15l probably get 150l out of it. Beware though get the slightest bit on your hands on a hot day when you’re sweating and it will end all over your face – Amazon Shopper

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The Lawn Shop

Indigo Garden Spray Dye @ Amazon