Technical Bits

Read the Indigo Bottle Label

TechnicalA little goes a long way, you have been warned!

Make sure that you are wearing non absorbant gloves when handling any garden chemical treatment product and Indigo Garden Spray Dye

Do not spill any Indigo Garden Spray Dye granules onto stonework or brickwork or timber

In use, do not directly spray unintentionally onto hard landscaped areas if you can at all help itIndigo Spray Pattern Indicator Dye

The dye visual will wear off naturally with sunlight, dew, rainfall or irrigation

Should you get some undiluted staining on your hands, wash with soap and water and be more careful next time and Cif is really good at quick removal from skin

Half fill your garden sprayer with water, add treatment product as per the label, add required amount of Indigo Garden Spray Dye and then top up to required water level.  Agitate and spray

80 Grams will allow you colour up to 80 litres of spray solution